Pokemon GO Ending Support for Older Apple Devices in February

Trainers that use an older Apple device to play Pokemon GO will have until the end of February to upgrade. After that, the app will no longer support devices that can’t run iOS 11. The reason is that the app has now become too taxing for the older iPhones and iPads.

Pokemon GO Ending Support for Older Apple Devices in February
Pokemon GO Ending Support for Older Apple Devices in February

If you’re playing Pokemon GO on an older Apple device, you’ll soon have to upgrade if you want to keep playing. Starting on February 28th, 2018, the app will drop support of devices that can’t upgrade to iOS 11. This includes the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, as well as fourth generation iPads and lower. This is due to the fact that the Pokemon GO app now pushes the power of the older operating systems beyond their capabilities. The developers have announced this on the official Pokemon GO website.

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After February 28th, if you don’t upgrade to a newer device, you’ll quite probably get locked out of the app. You won’t be able to access your Pokemon GO account, including Poke Coins, items, everything. To be fair, I doubt that there’s a lot of people that are still playing on older devices. Any of you that do, though, you’re out of luck, I guess. Time to upgrade. Or switch to Android, those apparently don’t have problems.

In other Pokemon GO news, more and more players are getting sick and tired of the EX Raid system. This now includes some pretty prominent influencers, including Reversal. A few days ago he tweeted that he’s “done with this EX-Raid Pass System”, noting that it killed his motivation to play and that he’ll be taking an indefinite break from Pokemon GO. He’s one of the many hardcore players that have mysteriously been left out of the random invite system. There’s so many more players that have since given up on the EX Raids. However, now that influencers have started voicing their frustrations, it’s a sign that Niantic should probably look into this issue post-haste.

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