How to Get Gallade Pokemon GO 2022

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to get Gallade in Pokemon GO in 2022, you’re probably not the only one. The process is more “convoluted” than most other evolutions. You need to meet several requirements that are pretty uncommon, so it’s difficult to simply guess what you’re supposed to do. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, so let’s jump into it.

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how to get gallade pokemon go 2022
How to Get Gallade Pokemon GO 2022

How to Get Gallade in Pokemon GO 2022

To get Gallade in Pokemon GO in 2022 (and in general, really), you have to go through several steps. Unfortunately, the process is significantly more complicated than your average Pokemon evolution. The first step is to catch a male Ralts. It might take you a while to catch one, depending on how the gods of RNG treat you. Then again, you might as well catch every single Ralts you see anyway, because you’ll need a total of a hundred and twenty-five Ralts Candies to complete the whole process.

Aside from a male Ralts, you are also going to need a Sinnoh Stone. Like any other evolution item, you get it by spinning Photo Discs, and the drop rate is really low. So, just keep spinning until you get lucky.

How to Evolve Ralts into Gallade Pokemon GO

To evolve Ralts in to Gallade in Pokemon GO in 2022, take that male Ralts we talked about and give it twenty-five Candies. It will then evolve into Kirlia. That happens no matter the gender of the Ralts, but for our purposes here, it has to be male. Once you have the male Kirlia, the next step is to give it a hundred more Candies and a Sinnoh Stone, and it will evolve into Gallade. This final step doesn’t require anything else, like specific weather or time of day.

The other final evolution of Ralts is Gardevoir, which is significantly simpler to get. Take any Ralts you have and give it twenty-five, Candies, then a hundred Candies to the resulting Kirlia. It’s as standard as it gets.

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