Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO 2022

Trainers are starting to see Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO in 2022, and they’re wondering why they can’t catch it. You can’t enter into the catching screen with it. What is going on? Is it a glitch of some sort? Well, we are going to answer these questions in this guide. We’ll discuss whether you can catch Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO, how to “summon” it in the first place, and more.

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gimmighoul in pokemon go 2022
Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO 2022

Can You Catch Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO 2022

No, you cannot catch Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO in 2022. This feature will not be available until 2023. This is when Niantic and Nintendo are going to allow you to connect Pokemon GO and Pokemon Scarlet / Violet. From that moment on, you’ll be able to catch the Roaming Form of Gimmighoul in PoGO. The announcement does not really say whether you’ll have to connect the two games in order to capture a Gimmighoul. If I were in charge, I’d allow everyone to catch the new Ghost-type Pokemon in order to advertise the new game, but that’s just me. We’ll have to wait and see how it all shakes out. For now, the bottom line is: no Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO this year.

Now, even though you can’t catch Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO in 2022, that doesn’t mean that you can’t see them. Spinning the new gold PokeStops gives you a new kind of Coin. If you collect enough of them, the mysterious Ghost Pokemon will appear next to your trainer for a brief while. It’s a neat little tease, even if you can’t engage with it. And just so you know, those coins are not the same as regular PokeCoins you use in the store. Also, you should know that there are two types of Gimmighoul in Scarlet and Violet, Roaming Form and Chest Form. While we’re on the subject, quick reminder: the new Pokemon games are coming out on Friday, November 18th.

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