Pokemon GO Global Challenge 2024 Rewards & Bonuses

In our Pokemon GO Global Challenge 2024 Rewards & Bonuses guide, we are going to talk about the Dragons Unleashed global challenge, how long it will last, what you have to do to complete it, and what the rewards are going to be. Time-wise, it’s definitely going to be pretty snug, to say the least. Let’s get right into it.

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pokemon go global challenge 2024 rewards & bonuses
Pokemon GO Global Challenge 2024 Rewards & Bonuses

Pokemon GO Global Challenge 2024 Event

The 2024 Pokemon GO global challenge event, called Dragons Unleashed, is a part of the current Lunar New Year celebration. The event is going to last from February 5th at 10 AM local time to February 11th at 8 PM local time. Trainers around the world have until then to score a grand total of one billion Nice Throws in order to unlock a bunch of different rewards. We’ll get more into those in the next section. What I have to mention is that Trainers have until February 11th to complete the challenge and enjoy the rewards, meaning that there isn’t actually that much time. We need to get those billion throws ahead of February 11th if we want to make even the slightest use of all those bonuses. Speaking of which, let’s talk about those.

Pokemon GO Global Challenge Rewards and Bonuses

At time of writing, we don’t know exactly that the rewards and bonuses of the 2024 Pokemon GO Dragons Unleashed global challenge, because it has just begun. As we’ve said already, Trainers worldwide need to make a cumulative one billion Nice Throws, and I’d wager we’re not even close to that just yet. However, the official post does tease some stuff. Specifically, we can see five Featured Moves (two Ground, one Normal, one Dragon and one Fairy), seven different wild encounters (six of which have shiny variants), and two unlockable Raids (one one-star and one three-star). Whatever these mysterious rewards end up being, it sounds to me like they’ll be worth getting. So, head out there and make as many Nice Throws as you can. Together, we should be able to pull this off before February 11th.

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