Pokemon Go Global Challenge Rewards Now Unlocking

The rewards that participants in the Pokemon Go Global Challenge have unlocked are now unlocked for trainers worldwide. Well, most of them; the double hatch and catch Candy, halved hatch distances, and one guaranteed Rare Candy per raid, to be exact. Raikou will enter raids on June 29th, and will hang around for three hours. If you’re lucky, it might just be a Shiny one.

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Pokemon Go Global Challenge Rewards Now Unlocking
Pokemon Go Global Challenge Rewards Now Unlocking

So, as you probably know if you’re following Pokemon Go, the Global Challenge has wrapped up. While it was going on, participating trainers completed a bunch of in-game quests, thereby unlocking rewards for Pokemon Go players worldwide. And now, or, more precisely, since June 18th, at 1 PM PDT, these rewards have become available to trainers worldwide. You can now enjoy double the catch candy, a guaranteed Rare Candy per raid, halved hatch distances, and double the hatch candy. These perks will remain at your disposal until Tuesday, June 25th, at 1 PM PDT.

Oh, and those are not the only goodies that people unlocked during the Global Challenge. Starting Saturday, June 29th, at 4 PM local time, Raikou, the thunder-kitty, will be available in Raids. Plus, there’ll be a chance that the Raikou, should you manage to snag one, will be a Shiny Pokemon, so that’s nothing to sneeze at. However, there’s one catch: the event will only last three hours. So, you’ll have between 4 PM to 7 PM local time to secure yourself a Raikou or two. Fortunately, according to the announcement, the game will give you up to five free Raid Passes during the event.

So, there you have it. There’s a little under a week for you to make the most of all the double candies, halved hatch distances, and so on. And, you’ll have a three-hour window on Sunday to capture a thunder-kitty, after defeating it in the raid. Sounds like just enough to get people out into the scorching summer heat. Don’t forget to hydrate out there!

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