Golisopod Best Moveset Pokemon GO

If you want to know the best moveset for Pokemon GO Golisopod, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to show you what we believe to be the best Quick Move and Charged Move for the newly-added Pokemon and explain the logic behind our choices. With that said, let’s dive straight in.

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golisopod best moveset pokemon go
Golisopod Best Moveset Pokemon GO

Best Moveset for Golisopod in Pokemon GO

The best moveset for Golisopod in Pokemon GO is Waterfall as the Quick Move and X-Scissor as the Charged Move. This makes the most of what type of Pokemon Golisopod is and allows it to battle a plethora of Pokemon types. Option #2 for the Charged Move is Aerial Ace; the Quick Move doesn’t really have an alternative. Metal Claw is a weak “maybe” at best. That’s the long and short of it. If you want to see my math, then keep reading.

So, which moves can Golisopod have? Well, the Quick Moves are Waterfall (Water), Fury Cutter (Bug) and Metal Claw (Steel). As for Charged Moves, the are Aerial Ace (Flying), X-Scissor (Bug) and Aqua Jet (Water). Aqua Jet does about the same damage as X-Scissor but at a significantly higher Energy cost, so it’s out of the running for the Pokemon GO best Golisopod moveset. As for the other two, that’s entirely up to you and your needs.

On the subject of the Quick Moves, Fury Cutter is a pretty decent attack. However, you already have a Bug move, so you should use this slot to place a Water move. The reasoning behind this is that Golisopod is weak against Rock moves, and Waterfall counts as a stab and as a super-effective against Rock types. Therefore, it evens the field a bit. Metal Claw is fine, but doesn’t offer the same perks as a Water move.

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