Pokemon Go Holiday Event New Leaked Information

Pokemon GO got a new update, and, of course, dataminers have immediately gone to work. They’ve uncovered and leaked new information about the winter holiday event.

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We’re all impatiently waiting for what Niantic has in store for us this holiday season. Halloween and Thanksgiving both had very cool events, so the winter holidays will probably be just as great. Let’s take a look at what we can expect.

Pokemon Go Holiday Event New Leaked Information

Leaked Info on Winter Holiday Event in Pokemon GO

For starters, it seems presents are coming to Pokemon GO this holiday season. We have no clue yet as to how they will work. We do know, however, that they vary from Bronze to Gold and have Special, Great and Ultra versions. Whether we’ll be able to buy presents for other trainers, or maybe just our Pokemon, we’ll see. It would be really cool if trainers could give each other gifts to boost the feeling of community.

Secondly, dataminers have found a new icon for shops in the game. This will probably go live at the same time as the presents. The icon will probably lead to a section of the store where we’ll be able to buy presents. There’s also a new metadata attribute in the shop code: “HasHolidayItems”.

This is what we know so far. You can draw your own conclusions as to what we can look forward to this winter from Niantic. True, many trainers have been hoping for more Generation 2 Pokemon to arrive in the game this Christmas season. This might still happen, but it appears that the crux of the event will be presents.

I really hope that the event will allow trainers to interact with each other by giving presents. The community spirit really needs a boost now that the weather has forced man trainers inside. Since Christmas is right around the corner, I guess we won’t have to wonder for long.

What are your expectations from the Pokemon GO holiday event this winter? Tell us in the comments!

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