How to Get Stardust in Pokemon Go

Knowing how to get Stardust is essential if you are playing Pokemon Go this December. This is because the Stardust challenge has begun. For each given amount of Stardust you collect, exclusive bonuses and rewards are unlocked. This culminates in an exclusive Deino Hat reward for your Avatar. Read on as we discuss the quickest way to get Stardust in Pokemon Go.

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How to Get Stardust in Pokemon Go
How to Get Stardust in Pokemon Go

Stardust accumulates throughout the game as you complete tasks. These mainly involve catching Pokemon, so all those repeating encounters you have to do give some payoff. The main ways to get Stardust are below.

  • Catching Pokemon
  • 7 Day Catch Bonus
  • Hatching Eggs
  • Defend a Gym

However, a time will come when you want to accelerate how you gain Stardust in Pokemon Go. This is particularly useful if you are taking part in the challenge. It will make it easier if you are attempting to reach the goal of 150,000 Stardust in December.

Quickest Way to Get Stardust in Pokemon Go

One very inventive way to do this noted by Poke Daxi is to pick and choose which other tasks you do at a certain time. Three tasks are below which you can complete in the game. Each will net you an increased amount of Stardust in Pokemon Go.

  • Use 5 Berries to Help Catch Pokemon – This gets you a Foongus and results in 500 Stardust
  • Send 10 Gifts to Friends- Gives you a Delibird and also results in 500 Stardust
  • Earn Three Candies While Walking with a Buddy – Can get you a Meowth which also results in 500 Stardust

With these three tasks, click run and stack the tasks up. You want to complete these on a specific date, which will be December 18th at 11 am local time until 5 pm local time the same day. That date is giving out 2 x Catch Stardust, so each of these Pokemon nets you 1000 Stardust. If you use the Star Piece, you are now getting 1500 per catch.

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