Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon Announced, Coming Very Soon

Niantic has finally announced the launch date for Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. They will appear in Raids, in unique Legendary Eggs. When, and if, a team of trainers manages to defeat one of the Legendary Pokemon, they’ll each have a chance to catch it for themselves. You’ll then be able to use it in Gym Battles and Raids, but won’t be able to place them in Gyms.

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Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon Announced, Coming Very Soon
Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon Announced, Coming Very Soon

Fellow trainers, the long wait is coming to an end. Niantic has announced when Legendary Pokemon are coming to Pokemon GO. Their arrival will be directly connected to the Pokemon GO Fest Chicago, which is happening on July 22nd. During the event, trainers in Grant Park in Chicago will be catching Pokemon in order to unlock bonuses for other players around the world. If they manage to catch enough, the first Legendary Pokemon will appear. Then, if they manage to defeat it, the Pokemon will start appearing as Raid bosses all over the globe. So, you know, no pressure.

Once Legendary Pokemon are unlocked, they’ll appear in unique, Legendary Raid Eggs. Presumably, they’ll be extremely difficult to defeat. If a team of trainers does manage to defeat a Legendary Raid boss, then each of them will have a chance to catch it for themselves. After that, the Legendary Pokemon can participate in normal Gym battles and Raid battles. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use them as Gym Defenders. They refuse to leave your side. That makes sense, since otherwise, Gyms would become impossible to conquer.

If you want to watch the coverage of Pokemon GO Fest, you can do so on the official Twitch and YouTube channels. Below, you can check out the Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon reveal trailer. And don’t waste any time powering up your Pokemon. Those Legendaries won’t defeat themselves.

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