Mega Alakazam Counters, Weakness & Best Moveset in Pokemon GO

Knowing what the best Mega Alakazam counters, moveset and weakness in Pokemon GO are can be pretty advantageous if you encounter it in Raids. And you will be, as a part of the Psychic Spectacular 2022 event. Mega Alakazam will be the star of Mega Raids from September 6th to September 16th. So, you need to be prepared to take it. This guide is going to help you with that.

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mega alakazam counters weakness & best moveset in pokemon go
Mega Alakazam Counters, Weakness & Best Moveset in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Mega Alakazam Weakness & Counters

Let’s dive into the weakness of Mega Alakazam in Pokemon GO and the best counters before we talk about its best moveset. Well, weaknesses, to be more exact, because there are several. Mega Alakazam is weak against Ghost, Bug and Dark attacks, from which it takes 160% damage. Meanwhile, it takes only 63% from Fighting and Psychic, so forget about those. In the list below, we’ll give you a number of suggestions as to which Pokemon you should use in this battle.

  • Hydregion with Bite and Brutal Swing
  • Mega Gengar with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Pheromosa with Big Bite and Bug Buzz
  • Yveltal with Sucker Punch and Dark Pulse
  • Giratina Origin with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Darkrai with Snarl and Shadow Ball
  • Mega Houndoom with Snarl and Foul Play
  • Vikavolt with Bug Bite and X-Scissor
  • Hoopa Unbound with Astonish and Dark Pulse
  • Mega Scisor with Fury Cutter and X-Scissor

Pokemon GO Mega Alakazam Best Moveset

Now that we’ve covered the weakness and counters portion, let’s get into the best moveset of Mega Alakazam in Pokemon GO. As far as Quick Attacks go, it can have Psycho Cut (Psychic), Confusion (Psychic) and Counter (Fighting, Elite TM). The list of potential Charged Attacks is much longer, and includes Fire Punch (Fire), Future Sight (Psychic), Focus Blast (Fighting), Shadow Ball (Ghost), Psychic (Psychic, Elite TM), and Dazzling Gleam (Fairy, Elite TM).

From this list, I’d say that going with Counter or Confusion as the Quick Attack and Psychic as the Charged Attack is probably the best way to go. Keep it nice and streamlined, as it were. However, your mileage may vary depending on your personal preferences and needs. So, feel free to build your Mega Alakazam however you see fit.

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