Pokemon GO Network Error 2 Fix

The Pokemon GO Network Error 2 fix is something that might come in handy. This problem crops up when trying to battle in a Gym, and is usually an issue where either you have GPS drift or network issues. Also, apparently, having battery optimization on, for some reason. Either way, let’s find out how to fix Network Error 2 in Pokemon GO.

pokemon go network error 2 fix
Pokemon GO Network Error 2 Fix

How to Fix Network Error 2 Pokemon GO

To fix Pokemon GO Network Error 2, there are several things you can try. The first option is to disable battery optimization. On Android, go into Settings, then Battery, then choose Not Optimized from the drop-down menu. Find and tap Pokemon GO, then select Don’t Optimize. On iOS, go into Settings, then Battery, and turn the Low Power Mode option off.

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The second thing you can do is just wait a little bit for the GPS drift to catch up to your actual location. You can exit the app temporarily while you wait. If that doesn’t work, you might have to force stop the app. First off, enter the Gym and select the team you want to fight. When the error pops up, on Android, open the Recent Apps tray (three vertical lines at the bottom) and swipe Pokemon GO up away. To employ this Pokemon GO Network Error 2 fix on iOS, go through the same steps, tap the Home screen twice and, again, swipe Pokemon GO away. Then, turn the game back on go into the Gym asap. Pick whichever team; you’ll be returned to the battle you’ve selected previously, just with less time to go. Repeat the process whenever the error appears.

Don’t forget to check whether your network connection is working, especially if you’re on mobile data. Use any speed test website, it should do just fine. If it’s spotty, switch to WiFi if you can. On the other hand, try and avoid public WiFi. Not only is it not safe, but if there’s several in an area, your device might start jumping from one to another and cause connection issues.

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