Pokemon GO New Moves & Avatar Customization Added

After the holiday break, Niantic have released a new update to Pokemon GO. Version 0.53.1 for Android and 1.23.1 for iOS rolled out yesterday, and it seems that it doesn’t change much. Of course, dataminers from The Silph Road immediately started digging through the code, and they’ve found a lot of interesting stuff. For example, they’ve found a total of 38 new moves in the code, as well as new avatar customization.

The moves and customization options aren’t active yet, so we don’t know which Pokemon they belong to. However, they could be activated at any moment, so keep an eye out!

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Pokemon GO New Moves & Avatar Customization Added
Pokemon GO New Moves & Avatar Customization Added

New Moves in Pokemon GO

In the table below, you can check out all of the new moves from the update’s code.

New Quick MovesNew Charge Moves
CounterIron TailClose CombatSilver Wind
Powder SnowFire SpinDynamic PunchNight Shade
Charge BeamBullet SeedFocus BlastGyro Ball
Volt SwitchExtrasensoryAurora BeamHeavy Slam
Dragon TailAir SlashWild ChargeOverheat
InfestationHexZap CannonGrass Knot
Struggle BugSnarlAvalancheEnergy Ball
Astonish Brave BirdFuturesight
  Sky AttackMirror Coat
  Sand TombOutrage
  Rock BlastCrunch
   Foul Play

What’s really interesting is that these are the first new moves in Pokemon GO since the game launched. Well, not counting Ditto’s “Transform” move. I honestly can’t wait to see them in action. Perhaps they actually belong to future Generation 2 Pokemon that haven’t made an appearance yet.

Pokemon GO New Avatar Options

Also found in the update’s code, the additional customization options bring even more ways to personalize your trainer. Of course, it’s all still just hidden in the code, but I think it’s only a matter of time until they go live. These are our new options.

  • Belt
  • Glasses
  • Necklace

Doesn’t seem like much, to be sure, but let’s not forget, even more options are lurking in the code of previous updates. Once it all rolls out, we’ll finally be able to tell each other apart!

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