Pokemon GO New Update Datamine Hints at Gen 3 Launch

Dataminers have discovered hidden code in the latest Pokemon GO update. Among other things, they’ve found evidence of Generation 3 Pokemon. They might be coming to the game as soon as this year’s Halloween Event. The Halloween Event, on the other hand, might feature a brand new map style based on Lavender Town from Pokemon Red and Blue.

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Pokemon GO New Update Datamine Hints at Gen 3 Launch
Pokemon GO New Update Datamine Hints at Gen 3 Launch (image via Reddit)

Niantic released a new update for Pokemon GO a few days back (version 0.79.2 on Android, 1.49.2 on iOS). If you only look at just the patch notes, it seems like it’s the most boring and basic update ever. All they say is: “Various bug fixes and performance updates”. However, Niantic has a history of hiding major updates to the game in seeming innocuous patches. And, according to the dataminers from The Silph Road subreddit, that’s exactly the case here.

First off, the most major piece of news: the new Pokemon GO update code includes extremely clear hints that Generation 3 Pokemon will be making their way to the app very soon. More specifically, it includes sounds of Gen 3 creatures, and an upcoming new badge, as evidenced by the line BADGE_POKEDEX_ENTRIES_GEN3. And, judging by the new splash screen image, Generation 3 Pokemon could be arriving as early as this month, along with the Halloween event. So, be on the lookout this month, trainers! Who knows what you’ll be able to catch!

Speaking of the Halloween event, the new update does have a few other hints as well. The HALLOWEEN_2017 designation has appeared, including next to the names of some Pokemon. That might mean that there will be Halloween variants of certain Pokemon. There’s also the code entry mapHalloweenNightMusic. Are we getting a new map style for this Halloween Season? Well, the dataminers found audio files and discovered a night theme for Lavender Town. You draw your own conclusions. One thing’s for sure; we’re in for one fun Halloween!

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