Pokemon Go Plus Plus Not Working Solution

If your Pokemon Go Plus is not working, don’t panic! We might have a couple of working solutions for you! Pokemon Go Plus + is the latest gadget released by Niantic and Nintendo. This fun little addition makes catching Pokemon even more fun! Read on as we explain what to do if Pokémon GO Plus Plus won’t connect to your phone.

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Pokemon Go Plus Not Working Solution
My Pokemon Go Plus + Won’t Pair With My Smartphone Fix

Pokemon Go Plus Plus Is Not Working Solutions

Pokemon Go Plus + has finally been released in Europe and North America! Trainers will now have an even easier way to catch Pokemon and collect items with a single click of a button. In addition, you can also grab Poke Balls, Eggs, and other items at PokeStops. And all that without ever needing to check your phone! However, on the first day of launch, some players seem to have issues with the device. Unfortunately, many players currently report the “Pokemon Go Plus Plus Not Working” issue. If your Pokemon GO Plus + won’t pair with your smartphone, there is a couple of things you can do. Firstly, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your phone supports Bluetooth LE and that Bluetooth is turned on.
  2. Restart your phone, and then launch the Pokemon GO app again.
  3. Head to the Settings menu, and select Pokemon GO Plus +.
  4. Find your Pokemon GO Plus + here.
  5. Tap the triangle icon to the right of the device to remove it.
  6. Press the button on your Pokémon GO Plus Plus, which should start flashing blue.
  7. Wait for your Pokémon GO Plus Plus device to appear on your screen.
  8. Tap the Pokémon GO Plus + device listed on your phone, and wait for them to pair.
  9. When they connect successfully, a message will appear, saying “Successfully connected to Pokémon GO Plus.”

My Pokemon Go Plus + Won’t Pair With My Smartphone Fix

And that’s it, this should fix your “Pokemon Go Plus + Not Working” issue. If your Pokemon Go Plus device has never been listed in the Pokemon GO app, or they failed to connect, the developers recommend going to some other location and repeating the process above. In addition, it’s essential to check if your smartphone meets the Pokemon GO Plus system requirements. If your phone is not compatible with Pokemon GO Plus, you will not be able to use the device. You can test this by trying to pair it with another phone and check if it works. Finally, it is important to note that you need to reset Pokemon GO Plus every time when pairing it with a new device or when your phone has had a software update.

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  1. K
    Karen Wuttke

    My Pokemon Plus + is paired, was working great, but won’t catch or spin any more. The icon just hovers the target and does nothing.

  2. L

    Mine works on & off. If I change apps, it shows that it’s still connected but won’t do anything then disconnecting it & re-connecting can be a pain =/

  3. T

    mine just broke down? no led lights when charging or anything, no sounds. Just dead, never got in touch with water or anything like that. it just broke within 2 months, wtf

  4. L

    Had to do a factory reset on my new out of the box Plus + which made it work!!!! Push button on top and press the little hole on the back with something small! Thanks for the help!!!!!!! 🙂

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