Is Pokemon GO Plus Plus Worth It?

If you want to know whether Pokemon GO Plus Plus is worth it, we’re here to let you know. Well, we are going to explain what the device is supposed to do and then give you our own opinion on the thing. The ultimate decision will be up to you, naturally. This guide is more so that you can make an informed decision. Let’s dive in!

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is pokemon go plus plus worth it
Is Pokemon GO Plus Plus Worth It?

What Is Pokemon GO Plus +?

Pokemon GO Plus Plus, or Plus +, is a new device that Niantic will be launching soon. In the US, it will come out on July 14th and the price will be fifty-five bucks. In Europe, it will release on July 21st, probably for a similar price. Now, the thing is about fifty grams in weight, which isn’t too bad, but the dimensions listed on the official website to make it seem not very friendly for pockets.

Now, the main purpose of the Plus Plus is to be an auto-catcher and PokeStop spinner. You can even set it to throw Ultra Balls and Great Balls, not just regular ones. You can also link it to the upcoming Pokemon Sleep app and have the device track your sleep. Apparently, this will unlock certain in-game features. It even has a little Pikachu in it, which will “help you raise” the sleepy Snorlax you can unlock in the Special Research in the Catching Some Z’s event.

Is Pokemon GO Plus Plus Worth Buying?

In my personal opinion, the Pokemon GO Plus Plus device is not worth it. At the very least, it’s highly debatable. It’s not easy to carry (though a backpack or bag will solve that), and it doesn’t seem like you can turn the vibration off, which is annoying. It’s cool that it plays the game for you and can throw ever kind of ball; that’s undeniably useful. And better than anything else Niantic have released so far. However, fifty-five bucks is still a tall ask.

One thing that I’m definitely certain of is that I would never trust Niantic with my sleep data. I don’t care that a Pikachu can sing me lullabies and that it also has an alarm clock and whatnot. There’s also no amount of special researches and exclusive Pokemon they can offer me. If that’s no problem for you, though, have at it.

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