Pokemon Go Cacnea Spotlight Hour - Shiny Cacnea November 2021

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour has returned with Cacnea in November 2021, and you can get the shiny version of Cacnea during the event. With Halloween over, the Spotlight Hours no longer have their focus on ghost Pokemon. November sees Cacnea, a grass type, take over the reins first. Increased spawn rates will allow you to grab this cactus-themed Pokemon. Read on as we discuss the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour and how to get a shiny Cacnea.

Pokemon Go Cacnea Spotlight Hour - Shiny Cacnea November 2021
Pokemon Go Cacnea Spotlight Hour – Shiny Cacnea November 2021

Cacnea Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO

These events take place every week at local time, from 6 pm until 7 pm. Spotlight Hours have increased spawn rates for one chosen Pokemon. They also provide extra special bonuses.

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This generation III Pokemon is a grass-type Pokemon. Its cactus form means it has a signature, needle arm attack. You can evolve it into the Pokemon Cactume. As well as increased spawn rates, you will get 2 x candy during the event.

Can Cacnea Be Shiny in Pokemon Go

Cacnea does have a shiny version and you will never have a better time to find one. While the number of shiny types does not increase per Pokémon spawned, you can increase your chances by having more encounters. There are some tactics that can help with this.

One way is to catch the number of Cacnea you want at the start of the event. After this, you can work on fleeing from battles. This means you will be onto the next one much quicker and can check if it is shiny. Remember that you only have one hour to meet as many as you can!

When you do encounter a shiny Cacnea during spotlight hour one, make sure you come prepared. Stock up on berries and keep some ultraballs handy. Clear plenty of space in your storage box so you do not run out of space. This means it will not get away.

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