Pokemon GO Electabuzz Spotlight Hour Shiny Electabuzz December 2021

December 2021 sees the G1 Pokemon Electabuzz gets its turn in the Spotlight Hour, and this is the best time to catch a shiny version in Pokemon GO. This electric Pokemon will overrun the game for one hour only. It will also come with a special limited-time bonus. For anyone wanting to add a shiny version to their collection, there are also some tips you must try to increase encounters. Read on as we discuss the Pokemon Go Electabuzz Spotlight in December 2021 and how to catch a shiny Electabuzz.

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Pokemon GO Electabuzz Spotlight Hour Shiny Electabuzz December 2021
Pokemon GO Electabuzz Spotlight Hour Shiny Electabuzz December 2021

Spotlight Hour Electabuzz Pokemon GO

Spotlight Hours take place every Tuesday and the Electabuzz hour is no different. This Spotlight Hour will begin at 6 pm until 7 pm in your local time zone on Tuesday, December the 7th. For this Spotlight Hour, the additional reward will be a 2-x transfer candy boost. The more Pokemon you send to the Professor, the more you will get.

Can Electabuzz Be Shiny?

It is possible that you may encounter a Shiny Electabuzz. Luckily, they are very easy to distinguish from their normal counterparts. They will have an orange coloration instead of the normal yellow palette.

Unfortunately, spotlight hours do not increase the number of shiny Pokemon per spawn rate. That means if you want to catch one, you have to maximize the number of encounters you can have within the hour. There are several ways to do this during the Pokemon Go Electabuzz Spotlight Hour on December 7th.

Consider using incense or lures to increase the number of Electabuzz in your area. Once you have caught the desired number of Electabuzz in Pokemon Go spotlight hour, you can consider fleeing from encounters. This will put you onto the next one quicker, and you can carry on until you hit a shiny Electabuzz. When the time comes, make sure it does not get away by stocking up on Razz Berries and Ultra Balls.

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