Pokemon GO Genesect Weakness & Counters

Genesect is set to return to Pokemon Go and to catch it, you need to know its weakness & counters. From January 15th to 24th it will appear in five-star raid battles. It is one of the most unique Pokemon, as it can change depending on the item it is holding. Unfortunately, it is not easy to capture. Read on as we discuss the weakness & counters you need to use to catch Genesect in Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon GO Genesect Weakness & Counters

Pokemon GO Genesect Weakness and Counters

You cannot catch Genesect in the wild and it must be encountered in five-star raids. These will take part in the week starting January 15th. It is a very rare Pokemon, that won’t be easy to defeat unless you know its weaknesses. As it changes depending on the item it is holding, there are five different types. These are normal, douse, shock, burn and chill.

Genesect is a bug and steel Pokemon. It is pretty impervious to everything except fire, which will deal a huge 256% damage. This is quadruple damage, so you need to stock your party with tough, fire-dealing Pokemon. Almost everything else only deals 63% against it. The five strongest Pokemon you can use against it are Reshiram, Chandelure, Darmanitan (Standard), Volcarona, Blaziken.

For counters, then try to stick with fast and charged fire-type attacks. Fire spin, fire fang and overheat are moves that a lot of fully evolved, legendary fire Pokemon have that will work. Flamethrower is also one that will deal a lot of damage.

Genesect itself has some quite powerful moves. Offensively, metal claw and magnet bomb are two to watch out for. Fury cutter is a quick move in its arsenal that deals less damage. Its main move hyper beam can also deal a massive amount of damage.

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