Pokemon GO Make a New Friend Not Working Fix

The “Make a new friend” task in Pokemon GO doesn’t register for you? The “Misunderstood Mischief” quest was added to Pokemon GO last November. This special research quest consists of a series of challenges requiring players to perform various tasks to progress the quest. One of those steps is “Make a new friend” which seems relatively straightforward on its surface. However, for some reason, the quest simply won’t work for many players, no matter how many new friends they add. The same goes for the “Finding your Voice” and ” Ripple in Time” questlines. Here’s how to fix the Pokemon GO Make a New Friend task.

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Pokemon GO Make a New Friend Not Working Fix

How to Fix Pokemon GO Make a New Friend Task

The Misunderstood Mischief questline in Pokemon GO has 16 steps for players to complete. And one of them, the 13th task, should be rather easy on paper. All you need to do is to add a new friend, and that’s it – task done! Unfortunately, while it does sound easy, there’s currently a bug going on that prevents players from progressing further as it does not register your new friend for this task.

So, how to fix this issue and finish the task? None of the “basic” debugging steps works here, unfortunately. Players have tried restarting the game, their phone, unfriending and re-adding people, resynchronization of game data… simply nothing works. For now, the only solution is to contact Niantic’s customer support for Pokemon GO and explain the issue. According to reports from players, they will “complete” the mission for you, and you will be able to progress. The usual wait between your report and them fixing the bug is around 24 hours, so you will not need to wait for long.

Contacting support is easy, and you can do it directly from the game. Open the menu, then go to Settings, and in the top right corner you’ll see a speech bubble icon with a question mark. Just tap there, type in your problem, and send the report. We hope this “Pokemon GO Make a New Friend Not Working Fix” helped you!

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