Pokemon Go Piplup Spotlight Hour Shiny Piplup November 2021

The Pokemon Spotlight Hour on the last week of November 2021 turns to Piplup and gives players a chance to catch a rare shiny Piplup. This event takes place every Tuesday between 6 pm and 7 pm local time. Each week, it focuses on one Pokemon, bringing increased spawn rates and incentives. Anyone wanting to get its evolutionary forms will never have a better time. Read on as we discuss the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour for November 2021.

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Pokemon Go Piplup Spotlight Hour Shiny Piplup November 2021
Pokemon Go Piplup Spotlight Hour Shiny Piplup November 2021

Piplup Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO

This week’s spotlight is upon Piplup, the water and bird type Pokemon. Anyone who has been playing Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will know that Piplup is one of the three starter Pokemon at the beginning of the game. It will later evolve into Prinplup then Empoleon. This week’s special reward is 2 x Catch Candy, so this is as good a time as ever to add the line to your Pokedex.

Pokemon Go Can Piplup Be Shiny?

Piplup can be shiny in Pokemon Go. The shiny version looks very similar to the normal Piplup, with the blue darker head changing to a lighter, aquatic blue. This means you need to look very carefully for the shiny.

When looking for a shiny, there are some ways to increase your chance of meeting one. The key is to get as many encounters with Piplup as possible. Start by laying down incense to bring a higher spawn rate. One popular tactic is to catch all the Piplup you need, then flee from subsequent encounters. You will be onto your next Piplup encounter quicker, and you can check if it is shiny.

When you do get that shiny, you need to make sure you catch it. Razzberries and Ultraballs are the preferred methods, so stock up. Make sure you also clear enough space to store that shiny Piplup!

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