Pokemon Go Season of Heritage Release Date

The Pokemon Go Season of Heritage release date is still being elusive. Many clues are pointing to it being close at hand. It is also suggested that it celebrates the new Pokemon Legends Arceus game which will arrive next year. Could we finally see godlike Pokemon Arceus in Pokemon Go? Read on as we discuss the Pokemon Go Season of Heritage below.

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Pokemon Go Season of Heritage Release Date
Pokemon Go Season of Heritage Release Date

Pokemon GO Season of Heritage Start Date

The new Pokemon Go Season of Heritage release date has not yet been officially released. However, a few assumptions as to when it will arrive are obvious. This is because of the ending of the last season and an upcoming Pokemon title.

The tweet below is from developers Niantic. It says that in the next season, they will look to the past for answers to help guide us into the future. This seems to be a reference to the Pokemon Legends Arceus game which will release at the end of January 2022.

In this, trainers will visit an ancient version of the Sinnoh region. Their task will be to complete the first-ever Pokedex. It would seem that Pokemon Go will want the new season out before this game, to build hype.

Another tweet from Niantic also gave a clue about when the season arrives. They announced that season 9 will be ending at 1:00 pm PT on November 29th. As such, many people are expecting the season to drop on December 1st. Apart from this, there have been no further announcements made about the event or its time.

Could it be time to see Arceus in Pokemon Go? Some Pokemon travel beyond legendary status and are gods of the Pokemon world. Arceus is one of these and has never been in Pokemon Go before. If the tie-in goes ahead, there would never be a better time for it to make an appearance.

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