Pokemon Go Zarude - Search for Zarude Special Research Tasks

Zarude has finally made his debut in Pokemon Go, and to get an encounter you need to take part in the ‘Search for Zarude’ special research tasks. This mythical Pokemon is appearing to promote the new movie ‘Secrets of the Jungle’. Expect him to play an important part in the film. Unfortunately, you only have a limited time to catch him. Read on as we discuss Pokemon Go and how to catch Zarude.

Pokemon Go Zarude – Search for Zarude Special Research Tasks

How to Get Zarude Pokemon Go – Search for Zarude Special Research Tasks

Zarude will be available through the Pokemon special research event ‘Search for Zarude’. Between October 1st at 10 am local time and October 10th at 8 pm local time, Zarude will be out and about. However, you do need to do the research task to get an encounter.

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This special research task is five pages long with three tasks on each page. The final page completes automatically, so you have very little to do there. Luckily, if you get the research, it does not have to be complete in that time and can be done later.

The first page will ask you to catch seven different species of Pokemon. After this, catching seven Pokemon and finally taking three snapshots of wild ground-type Pokemon is the task. The second page requires you to make five great throws in a row. You must then catch ten bug types and take three snapshots of bug-type Pokemon.

Page three involves using 20 berries to catch a Pokemon. The second task is catching 30 grass or bug-type Pokemon, then three snapshots of wild grass Pokemon. The final step is to defeat six Team Go Rocket Grunts, catch 15 Pokemon with a weather boost then take three snapshots of flying wild Pokemon.

This will unlock your special research event encounter with Zarude. You can capture him as you would any other mythical Pokemon. Remember this means you can’t use berries, so stock up on Pokeballs and keep throwing. This Pokemon cannot be shiny and cannot get traded. You will also get 10 extra Zarude candy and 1000x stardust.

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