Pokemon GO Primal Reversion Explained

Every Pokemon player knows that their Pokemon have many different evolutionary forms. Sometimes this evolutionary process is pretty straightforward, while other times you are going to need to go through all sorts of hoops in order to get your Pokemon to evolve. And then, there are other such curios Pokemon transformations known as Primal Reversion. This curious change can affect several Pokemon, but how does this entire process work, exactly? That’s what we’re here to find out, in this Pokemon GO Primal Reversion Explained guide.

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Pokemon GO Primal Reversion Explained
Pokemon GO Primal Reversion Explained

What is Primal Reversion in Pokemon GO

Primal Reversion is a type of transformation, similar to Mega Evolution, that changes the way that certain Pokemon look, as well as their battle abilities, and other such benefits.

How Does Primal Reversion Work?

To intiate Primal Reversion, the first thing that you need to do is to collect enough Primal Energy. And to collect this Primal Energy, you are going to need to defeat a Primal Reverted Pokemon in a Raid Battle. Note that the Primal Energy you collect this way can only be used on the corresponding Pokemon that you have defeated. This means that, if you have defeated a Primal Kyogre, you can use the Primal Energy you collected by doing this to empower your own Kyogre to a Primal Kyogre. The same applies to Groudon.

Luckily, Primal Raids featuring these two Pokemon are currently underway in the game. Primal Kyogre is going to be featured in Primal Raids on August 23rd, 2023, from 6 PM to 7 PM your Local Time. And Primal Groudon August 24th, 2023, from 6 PM to 7 PM your Local Time. Once you have enough Primal Energy, go to the Pokemon’s summary page, and you should see the “Tap to Primal Revert” option there.

Is Primal Reversion Permanent in Pokemon GO

No, the Primal Reversion is not permanent in Pokemon GO. Pokemon that have underwent Primal Reversion are going to stay in that form for eight hours. After that, they are going to revert to their previous forms.

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