Pokemon GO Quartz Terrarium

The Pokemon GO Fest 2023 is fast approaching. This special event is bringing a lot of surprises into the game. One of these is the inclusion of new habitats. Several of these are going to be available to play in during specific times on the day of the event. The first of these is the Quartz Terrarium. If you are unsure about how this works, here’s everything that you need to know about the Pokemon GO Quartz Terrarium, which Pokemon you can get from it, and the Pokemon GO Fest 2023 in general.

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Pokemon GO Quartz Terrarium
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Quartz Terrarium Pokemon GO

First, let’s see when the event itself is going to start and end. The Pokemon GO Fest 2023 is scheduled to begin this Saturday, August 26th, 2023, at 10 AM your Local Time, and end on the same day, at 6 PM your Local Time. Which means that you only have eight hours to get the most out of it. Hopefully, this will be enough. These four Habitats are: the Quartz Terrarium (taking place from 10-11 AM your Local Time, and then from 2-3 PM your Local Time), the Pyrite Sands (11 AM to 12 PM / 3-4 PM), the Malachite Wilderness (12-1 PM / 4-5 PM), and the Aquamarine Shores (1-2 PM / 5-6 PM).

If you are a Ticked Holder, you will have an increased chance of encountering new Shiny Pokemon. Which is great, as the following Pokemon are set to have their Shiny version debuts during this event: Shiny East Sea Shellos, Shiny West Sea Shellos, Shiny Oranguru, Shiny Goomy, and Shiny Joltik. All Lure Modules are going to last for an hour, so this will greatly help you with Shiny hunting. Lastly, a new Mythical Pokemon is going to make its Pokemon GO debut here – the Diancie. Exclusive to Ticket Holders, they will have access to Special Research that will result in an encounter with Diancie.

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