Pokemon GO Routes Not Working, No Routes Nearby Issue

Unfortunately, Pokemon GO Routes are not working due to an issue for a lot of Trainers and a lot of them are seeing the No Routes Nearby error message. As the Out to Play event requires that you explore a lot of routes in order to get all of the Growlithe Event rewards, this is a big problem for many players. In this guide, we are going to talk about why this is happening and whether or not there’s anything you can do about it.

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pokemon go routes not working no routes nearby
Pokemon GO Routes Not Working, No Routes Nearby Issue

Pokemon GO Routes Not Working, There Are No Routes Nearby Issue

The simplest answer as to why you’re experiencing the issue to the Pokemon GO no routes near me issue is that it’s just not working properly yet. It’s a new mechanic, so there’s plenty of polishing left to do. Well, that’s not entirely true. According to Niantic, everybody should be able to follow Routes already. However, “Route creation is still being rolled out.” Therefore, you should “keep an eye on your email to see when this is ready for you.” So, if you cannot create Routes at the moment, that’s probably why: the developers simply haven’t given you the option yet. On the other hand, if you’re having trouble finding or following Routes, that is most likely a bug. As you can see in the patch notes here, they recently updated Routes, so hopefully they should work better now.

So, yeah, that’s why you’re having issues with Pokemon GO Routes not working. Part of it is that not all the features are available for every one, and part of it is growing pains as the devs iron out all the kinks. It’s a bummer that it’s not functioning properly, especially because Out to Play requires the use of Routes for the following tasks: Follow a Route, Walk 1,000 m while traveling Routes, Use an Incense while following a Route, and Catch 20 Pokémon while following Routes. Now, if you are encountering this bug, there’s doesn’t appear to be anything that you can do aside from restarting or maybe reinstalling the game. It’s up to the devs to fix it, as only they can take care of this. But if you know of any other fix or workaround, let us know in the comments.

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  1. T
    Tyler aka TJIndigo

    So trying out the new route system, I have not yet been granted the privilege of making my own route, but the one route in my area I go to click and start it and it’s not even where it is I have walked to it and said that I’m not in range it’s placed the point 6km away from the actual start this is so annoying as the random spot isn’t even a Pokéstop it’s in a field so it’s hard to locate.

  2. S
    Shawna King

    I’m one of many that aren’t able to create a route which is so frustrating but I am wondering how I can find out when this issue is fixed

    1. L

      Me and my wife live in the UK and we cannot create a route either, we have got the new Pokémon but cannot progress any more with it as no routes are available for us to follow or create

      1. T
        Tania Evcans

        I have been everywhere looking for routes I live in UK and having problems finding anything to do with routes

        1. T

          I found several routes last night in & around the City of London, and was super excited to walk the London Bridge to Liverpool Street and then Spitalfields Market to Aldgate routes, but when I got to the start and hit “follow route”, no progress was recorded. I was able to catch along the route, so that achievement was got, but the general progress achievements have nothing associated with last night’s action.

  3. P

    I am trying to follow someone else’s route but can’t start it. Whenever I get near the start, it says it can’t determine my position anymore and pauses the route. I walk 50 ft away and it knows I’m not close enough to the start and tells me to go to the start point. I walk back, it can no longer find me. I go to the end of the route and reverse it to start there, same behavior. 🙁

    1. J

      Having the same problem. I walked a route and couldn’t finish, couldn’t determine my location. I caught the Pokémon along the route, so I was able to get one task done. I have heard it may be an Android problem.

  4. R
    Regina Weiner

    Can’t make it find any routes . Will we will be able to complete the tasks since it ends on the 24th

    1. J

      There are “no routes nearby” no matter where I go. I’ve tried 8 towns in 2 counties. That makes the whole set of tasks to complete.

  5. D

    I can not make a rout but there are also no routs wich i can follow it just says there are no routes.. sadly

  6. F
    Fernando Vazquez

    So cool idea and all but I went to try the new feature for the first time with my gf and as soon as I reached the start my screen said you reached the start of the route then it turned black and crashed my game. Restarted the app just for it the crash right away. Only way I could get it to work again was to walk away from the route so that screen wouldn’t pop up again. Worked normal for my gf though. ( I have a s21 while she has an iPhone so not sure if that caused any issues)

    1. S

      Try this: Sell S21, get iPhone.

      1. D

        Nice, snide remark. Not everyone can afford an Iphone, Ssquiggy42.

        1. S

          Even if i was Jeff Bezos, i still wouldn’t buy apple.

    2. 1

      I have the same issue and also a galaxy. I’ve tried creating routes because there are none available in my area and it crashes everytime! I hope they roll out an update to fix.

  7. B
    Bob the builder

    For me whenever I get to the route my progression towards the route doesn’t show. The line of the route stays gray.

  8. H

    I can’t make a route and there are non in my aeria are there good places
    To look for them?

  9. S
    Samantha Husband

    I can’t even find any routes

  10. Y

    I’ve been able to do about four routes so far, but only the first route that I did gave me a cell. It’s been the same route every time but from my understanding that’s allowed, for people in rural areas you may only have one route. I’m gonna go hunting for another one and see if I can get a cell this way. Let me know if you’ve had the same issue.

  11. M

    I can’t find or create any routes. I have gone into three different counties, too a nature preserve that has a TON of poke stops and gyms, walked around my own neighborhood, and nothing. Will this be fixed before the 24th? 🥺🥺🥺

  12. E

    I went out with my sons today to do the Routes and we went all over my city where we live. 68 miles of traveling all throughout or city and not 1 route. My kids are sad that we won’t be able to finish this. They are wondering why put something like this on pokemon go of it doesnt work at all. SAD DAY.

  13. C

    We haven’t been able to get access to any routes as well! Also, we finished the first set of tasks from A to zygarde, however, when we go to claim reward to catch the pokemon, the screen goes all white and we have to keep resetting the game. Anyone else experienced this and what can we do to fix it?

  14. S

    I don’t have the route icon.. anyone knows how to fix it?
    I’m from the Netherlands

    1. D

      Im from the netherlands too and i still have no route button eighter. But what i read from these comments a lott of people have issues with the route thing

  15. E

    I cannot find routes in my area and cannot create one. Defeats the ability to complete A to Zyguard

  16. N
    Nonie E

    I created 3 routes 48 hours ago and haven’t gotten a response yet. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a response or if I will get one at all? Thanks

    1. K
      Karen Manno

      Hi Nonie, I created 2 routes initially which took about 6 days to be published. Since then I have found out that I am possibly the only person in a population of around 100 000 people including outlying rural areas, that is able to make them?? I then created 3 more 8 days ago and they have still not been published. I think they may be waiting to iron out all the issues before they do. I tried to make another one yesterday but apparently I have reached my limit – must only be able to have 3 pending at a time. I have an android phone and have had little trouble creating routes, but have had to download the app onto my iPad to be able to follow them.

    2. K
      Karen Manno

      Hi Nonie – Update
      The routes you have created will be listed under your profile. Just scroll down in your profile and you will see your Route badges and under that will be your published routes and under that will be those under review. I have just got notification that my 3 new routes have been published. 🙂

  17. J
    Jennifer Greene

    Cannot create routes and nine show up no matter where I go! Went to so many parks, downtown areas and even a nature preserve with zero luck! Really hating this right now.

  18. G

    I have had pokemon for years and I was so excited for this event. but what going to happend to everyone who doesn’t have the event. Because that no right at some get it and not everyone else.

  19. C

    Not working for me. Very bad as it looks like some can create and follow routes but most of us can not.

  20. L
    Laila c Cavalier

    My children and I have traveled to four cities around us and have yet to find a route.

  21. T

    It’s annoying this quest has been in my queue for a week+ now and I can’t do anything. Good job Niantic worry about lining your pockets but not your game play, that’s how you keep people happy.

  22. D
    Diane Berdych

    I’ve been looking and there are no routes around my area.

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