Pokemon GO Shiny Lugia 2023

If you want to catch a shiny Lugia in Pokemon GO in 2023, you’re not going to have an easy time of it. In fact, like all other Shinies, it’s super-rare (although not as rare as some others). In this guide, we are going to explain what a shiny Lugia looks like, as well as what the odds of catching one are.

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pokemon go shiny lugia 2023
Pokemon GO Shiny Lugia 2023

Can Lugia be Shiny in Pokemon GO

Yes, Lugia can be shiny in Pokemon GO in 2023. In fact, the shiny version of the Flying / Psychic has been available for a long while. The problem, though, is that you don’t encounter Lugia very often at all. In fact, the only times you’ll run into it are five-star Raids. So, it’s bad enough to find a regular Lugia, let alone a shiny one. With that in mind, we have to mention that this Legendary Pokemon will be in five-star Raids from March 28th at 10 AM local server time to April 10th at the same time. Make the most of this window.

While we’re on the subject, we should mention how to tell a shiny and regular Lugia apart. The latter has a pink belly, spines and those horns around the eyes. Those areas are blue in a regular Lugia, as we all well know.

Pokemon GO Lugia Shiny Odds

The odds of catching a shiny Lugia in Pokemon GO are low, as is the case with all Shinies. However, because we’re talking about a Legendary Pokemon, your chances are significantly higher than if you were hunting for a more common creature. Legendaries like Lugia tend to have a spawn rate of about five percent, or one in twenty. Considering how rarely you get to encounter Lugia, it’s only fair that they increase the shiny odds. That’s not to say it’s going to be easy; you’ll still have to participate in every single five-star Lugia raid you come across from March 28th to April 10th. I can only wish you the best of luck out there.

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