Pokemon GO Shiny Rayquaza 2023

If you’re wondering whether you can catch a shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon GO in 2023, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we are going to explain the difference between a regular and shiny Rayquaza, where they appear, and the spawn rate of the special version. Let’s begin without any further ado.

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pokemon go shiny rayquaza 2023
Pokemon GO Shiny Rayquaza 2023

Can Rayquaza be Shiny in Pokemon GO

Yes, Rayquaza absolutely can be shiny in Pokemon GO. In fact, it’s arguably one of the more famous shiny creatures in the game. It is the fabled black version of the dragon, and it looks awesome. I mean, the regular Rayquaza is also cool, but the shiny variant is just so ominous. So, if you do encounter it, be sure to catch it. The only problem is that the Flying / Dragon Pokemon only appears in five-star Raids, as far as I can tell. Not to date the article, but you’ll have a window of opportunity from February 22nd to March 1st, 2023. Be sure to make the most of it. Rayquaza does poorly against Rock, Dragon and Fairy attacks, but its real weakness are Ice attacks. Good luck!

Pokemon GO Rayquaza Shiny Rate

Speaking of luck, you are going to need some if you want to get a shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon GO, because the spawn rate is much lower than that of the regular version. That is true for any shiny Pokemon, of course. That said, the rate for Rayquaza is probably going to be better than most. Some shiny spawns go as low as 1/500, which is pretty brutal. However, since this Pokemon appears only in high-level Raids, your odds should be significantly better, standing at about 1/20. So, for every twenty Rayquaza you encounter, one of them should be shiny. Not a guarantee, unfortunately, but still higher than usual. That said, you should catch at least one Rayquaza, shiny or not, because it will have the Breaking Swipe attack.

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