Pokemon GO Smeargle Moveset, Weakness

In our Pokemon GO Smeargle Moveset, Weakness, we’re gonna go into detail about this specific Pokemon. We’ll explain what the best moves for it are (with a quick aside on how to catch it), and then we’ll discuss its weaknesses and overall usefulness in battle. Without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

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pokemon go smeargle moveset weakness
Pokemon GO Smeargle Moveset, Weakness

Best Moveset for Smeargle in Pokemon GO

Before we get into the weakness of Smeargle in Pokemon GO, let’s go over its best moveset. Or, actually, several of the best combinations. You see, Smeargle can learn almost every move in the game. Let me explain. You catch Smeargle by taking snapshots of different Pokemon during specific events (like Festival of Colors 2022). Go through the snapshots and, if you see Smeargle photobombing any of them, exit the photo and a wild Smeargle will appear. It can then learn almost any move. All you have to do is take a photo of it with a Pokemon that knows the move you want your Smeargle to learn.

In other words, there’s a lot of flexibility here, even if this particular Pokemon doesn’t pack much of a punch. Some of the best Quick Attacks for Smeargle include Counter (Fighting), Thunder Shock (Electric), Incinerate (Fire), Shadow Claw (Ghost), Powder Snow (Ice), and Lock On (Normal). As for Charged Attacks, you can consider giving Smeargle Night Slash (Dark), Flame Charge (Fire), Bubblebeam (Water), and Icy Wind (Ice). It all depends on what you need.

Pokemon GO Smeargle Weakness

Now that we know more about the best potential moveset for Smeargle in Pokemon GO, let’s go over its weakness. Smeargle is a Normal-type Pokemon, which means that it’s only really vulnerable to Fighting-type moves. It takes 160% damage from those. On the other hand, it takes a paltry 39% of damage from Ghost attacks. However, as I’ve already said, Smeargle is not really who you want on the front lines. Its base stats 40 Attack, 83 Defense and 146 Stamina. Not exactly a grand warrior, is it? I mean, I guess you could through it in against a Ghost Pokemon in a horrible pinch, but I would definitely not recommend it. Smeargle is more of a curiosity that’s hard and fun to catch than anything else, even if it can learn almost every single move in the game. Maybe in small PvP cups.

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