Pokemon Spotlight Hour - Baltoy - September 14th

The Pokemon Go September 14th Baltoy Spotlight Hour event is right behind the corner, and I’m sure a lot of trainers want to know the details. Of course, based on the title, you can already guess which Pokemon will be the main feature, but there’s also more to it. Specifically, I’m sure you want to know which bonus feature you’ll have, and maybe when the event will take place. That’s what we’ll be covering in this guide.

pokemon spotlight hour baltoy september 14th
Pokemon Spotlight Hour – Baltoy – September 14th

Pokemon Go Baltoy September 14th Spotlight Hour

The Pokemon Go September 14th spotlight hour is going to revolve around Baltoy, as we’ve established fairly firmly by this point. As is always the case with these mini-events, it will take place from 6PM to 7PM local time. During that hour, you’ll see Baltoy appear much more often in the wild, so you can catch and mill a whole bunch of them. On top of that, if you’re really lucky, you might even run into a Shiny variant. Lovely stuff.

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Of course, there’s also the featured bonus to keep in mind. In this case, it’ll be double catch XP, which is my personal favorite. For those of you who are gonna be participating the Spotlight Hour for the first time, this means that you will earn twice the XP when catching Pokemon during the event. So, in order to prepare for the event and make the most of the Pokemon Go Baltoy September 14th spotlight hour, make sure to stock up on Poke Balls, Lures, Berries and Incense. Also, make space in your inventory for all the extra Pokemon you’ll be catching.

So, that about covers it when it comes to this particular guide. If you want to know what the rest of the September Spotlight Hours will have to offer, check out our Spotlight Hour September 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th guide. Also, if you’re curious what Niantic has planned for raid events, check out our Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf – September Raid Events guide.

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