Pokemon GO Stantler Weakness, Moveset & Counters

Stantler counters, weakness and moveset in Pokemon GO have suddenly become pretty important, since the horned Pokemon is currently in raids all over the world. After all, it is one of the Pokemon that invokes the feeling of the winter holidays the most, it being a reindeer. So, for those of you that want to battle Stantler in the coming days, here are its best counters, its moveset, and weakness.

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pokemon go stantler weakness moveset & counters
Pokemon GO Stantler Weakness, Moveset & Counters

Pokemon GO Stantler Weakness, Moveset and Counters

Stantler counters and its moveset and weakness in Pokemon GO are all tied up with its type, of course. Since Stantler is a Normal-type Pokemon, that means it’s only weak to Fighting-type attacks, taking up to 160% damage from them. On the other hand, it is very resistant against Ghost attacks, so that’s definitely not the way to go. Every other type does a normal amount of damage to the reindeer-like Pokemon. As for its moveset, it has a number of Normal moves and a handful of other types. Its Normal moves include Tackle, Stomp, Frustration and Return. When it comes to non-normal moves, Stantler can have Zen Headbutt (Psychic), Wild Charge (Electric), and Megahorn (Bug).

So, that’s the Stantler moveset and weakness in Pokemon GO, but what about counters? Well, there are a number of really good combinations that can bring the reindeer creature down fairly efficiently. We’ll give you some suggestions in the list below. Keep in mind that these are just options; feel free to use whatever build suits you best (and share it with us in the comments). We’ll focus mostly on Pokemon with Fighting move combos; there will be a lot of overlap with the movesets. With all that said, let’s dive in.

  • Mega Lopunny with Low Kick & Focus Blast
  • Lucario with Counter or Bullet Punch & Aura Sphere
  • Conkeldurr with Counter & Dynamic Punch
  • Machamp with Counter & Dynamic Punch or Focus Blast
  • Blaziken with Counter & Focus Blast
  • Pirouette Meloetta with Low Kick & Close Combat
  • Breloom with Counter & Dynamic Punch
  • Heracross with Counter and Close Combat
  • Hariyama with Counter & Dynamic Punch
  • Terrakion with Smack Down & Sacred Sword
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