Pokemon GO Typhlosion Weakness, Best Moveset

Knowing the Pokemon GO Typhlosion weakness and best moveset is going to be a great advantage if you want to use it as a member of your team. After all, it is a really good choice when it comes to Fire-type Pokemon, especially if you like fast attacks like I do. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, so that you can use your Typhlosion as efficient as possible.

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typhlosion weakness & best moveset pokemon go
Pokemon GO Typhlosion Weakness, Best Moveset

Typhlosion Weakness & Best Moveset Pokemon GO

The weakness and best moveset of Typhlosion in Pokemon GO are all connected to what type of Pokemon it is and what its strengths are. First off, it is a Fire-type Pokemon, and is therefore very vulnerable to Ground, Rock, and Water attacks. These will deal 160% against your Typhlosion. On the bright side, it will be fairly resistant to Bug, Grass, Ice, Fairy, Fire and Steel attacks, so that’s pretty good. However, do keep in mind that Typhlosion doesn’t do great with defense in general, with the attack stat usually being much higher. It can take a few wind-up attacks, but not more than one or two super-effective attacks. It’s more about doling out quick attacks and taking as little damage in return as possible.

So, that’s the weakness of Typhlosion in Pokemon GO, but what about the best moveset? Well, the consensus seems to be that you should use Incinerate as the fast attack and Blast Burn as the charged attack. Incinerate does the most damage per second, and even if it doesn’t generate much energy, quick damage is the name of the game here. Ember is a good second choice, though, as it is fast and does give you more energy. As for Blast Burn, while it is definitely the best choice, it is an Elite TM, so you should have a backup plan, and that should be Fire Blast. It’s not as good as Blast Burn, but it’ll get the job done.

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