Pokemon GO Update 0.67.2 & 1.37.2 Code Hints Anniversary Event

Niantic has released another minor update for Pokemon GO, updating the game to version 0.67.2 on Android and 1.37.2 on iOS. There’s nothing much to it, at least on the surface; its main function is to address some bugs from the Raid Battle update. However, dataminers from The Silph Road dove deep into the code, and uncovered a short line directly referencing a First Anniversary event.

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Pokemon GO Update 0.67.2 & 1.37.2 Code Hints Anniversary Event
Pokemon GO Update 0.67.2 & 1.37.2 Code Hints Anniversary Event

There’s a new, small update for Pokemon GO live. Niantic announced it via the Pokemon GO Twitter. The announcement doesn’t tell us much, it merely states that the update implements bug fixes. Fortunately for us, the dataminers from The Silph Road immediately started poring over the code. Redditor dronpes posted their findings on the official Silph Road subreddit. Here’s what they found.

First off, the new update introduces small battle buffer fixes. In other words, it slightly adjusts pre-battle buffer times. It’s not much of a change, bottom line. The second tweak covers character heights in Gyms. Presumably, it has something to do with the height ratio between trainer avatars and their Pokemon. It might also patch up some display bugs that the Gyms have been experiencing.

Best for last – the dataminers found what amounts to the first certain in-code mention of the First Anniversary event. Of course, we all knew that it was coming, but it’s exciting to see it in a more “official”capacity. The code line reads: ONE_YEAR_ANNIVERSARY. It doesn’t get any clearer than this. Time to prepare for whatever will happen on July 6th. I wonder if Niantic intentionally puts these code lines, as little hints for dataminers to find. Almost like an Easter egg hunt of sorts.

Considering that there are still more bugs to iron out, there might be more hints to find in future updates. Then again, July 6th is mere days away. Either way, it’s time to get pumped.

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