Can't Return Lost Satchels Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Lost Satchels system is a new mechanic introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. A very interesting addition to the Pokemon universe, this allows you to return satchels that have been lost by players when they blacked out, and, in turn, also allows you to get your stuff back after the same has happened to you. However, there are a couple of things that make this system a bit confusing. For example, what does happen when you can’t return the Lost Satchels in Pokemon Legends Arceus? Well, in this guide, we will help answer that question, and also explain how this system works in practice.

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Can't Return Lost Satchels Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Return Lost Satchels and Get Merit Points in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To begin with, you will need to turn your internet on for this option to become available. In the Lost & Found menu tab, there are two sections. One for the satchels that have been lost by other players, and one for your own lost satchels. Now, here is the part that has left many players confused. It’s not enough to just interact with the satchels in this menu to have them returned to their respective players. No, what you need to do is to actually find them and interact with them to pick them up out in the overworld. Your map will have a radius circle in which you need to search for these. Once you find them, they will be sent to the player that lost them.

In return, you will be rewarded with Merit Points for doing this. Each lost satchel you find and return will give you from 50 to 100 Merit Points in return. You can then use these Merit Points to exchange them for special items at the Trading Post in Jubilife Village. This allows you to get items such as the Linking Cord and other unique and hard-to-get items.

How to Find Your Own Satchel in Pokemon Legends Arceus

You cannot. Instead, you need to connect to the internet and wait until another player has found your lost satchel and returned it to you. You will receive a notification for when this happens. After that, to pick up all the things that have been returned to you, check the storage in your house.

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  1. B

    You don’t actually have to be online to find lost satchels, as there are a random amount generated by the game each time you visit Jubilie Village. These NPC satchels spawn even when you don’t have an online connection.

  2. J

    My friend found my lost satchel for me. I watched her pick it up, but it won’t let me claim it. It still says it’s lost. I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet, I’ve even shit my came out completely and restarted it, but nothing. Has this happened to anyone else? What should I do?

    1. A

      I don’t think it works. My lost satchel feature doesn’t even work! It allows me to find other peoples satchels but it won’t go online for mine to be found and this is not right. They really need to fix this faster. New is one thing but this thing is downright wrong! I rage quit just for the simple fact that it will automatically go online for the mystery gift but it will disconnect completely for the lost and found and it wants me to purchase a membership even though I’m already on my wifi.

  3. E

    This exact thing happened to me! It’s been like 3 days and still no items, even though I watched my friend pick up my satchel (we both are connected to internet). No idea, hope someone finds a solution or something!

  4. N

    For me, whenever I walk to the satchel ( I mark them on the map), its says I’ve reached it but doesn’t show any icon seeming to allow me to pick it up.

  5. -

    Uh why don’t I get the satchel rewards-?

  6. J

    What happens if someone returned the satchel to me but I did not save the game after I retrieved it?

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