Level Up Fast & Gain XP Pokemon Legends Arceus

Figuring out how to gain XP and level up fast in Pokemon Legends Arceus can be pretty important. This particular installment of the franchise leans more heavily into the RPG aspect of the games, so grinding out experience might even be a bit more important then usual. Fortunately, it’s all pretty simple, if time consuming. So, let’s find out how to level up fast and gain XP in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

level up fast & gain xp pokemon legends arceus
Level Up Fast & Gain XP Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Level Up Fast & Gain XP in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To level up fast and gain XP in Pokemon Legends Arceus, the best thing you can do is focus on combat and capturing Pokemon. The ideal method would be to find a place where there’s plenty of Pokemon that are the opposite on the element wheel of the creatures in your party, beat them in combat, and rinse and repeat. This goes double for Mass Outbreak events, where you’ll have the chance to battle / capture tons of Pokemon breaking through the barrier. As for capturing as a source of farming XP, it’s perfectly viable, too. You can go for the garbo Pokemon from the beginning areas of the game and just keep catching. It’s still gonna be a grind, but it’ll work.

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There are other ways to gain XP and level up fast in Pokemon Legends Arceus, such as completing main quests and side quests. Unfortunately, they’re not as steady a stream of experience as clashes with Wild Pokemon are. Sending your Pokemon to gather stuff for you works, too, but doesn’t net that much XP. That about covers it, but Before wrap up, two things that are important to note. One, if you’re fighting and aiming to catch stronger Pokemon for higher XP gain, be sure not to make it faint, or else it’ll all be for nought. Two, whatever method you’re using to get more XP, be sure to use items like Exp. Candy to increase your numbers further. If you have any other tips for grinding XP in this game, let us know in the comments.

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