Pokemon Legends Arceus Mystery Gifts

Pokemon Legends Arceus has launched in a generous fashion, giving mystery gifts to players. While the free content is scarce at the moment, expectations are that some cool items will drop as the game rolls out. These items include a Hisuian Growlithe Kimono Set, Baneful Fox Mask, Garchomp Kimono Set, and 30 x Heavy Balls. While some are free to early players, some need special codes. Read on as we give our guide on gifts in Pokemon Legends.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Mystery Gifts
Pokemon Legends Arceus Mystery Gifts

How to Unlock Mystery Gift in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Baneful Fox Mask and Hisuian Growlithe Kimono Set are available to anyone who plays the game early. This is anyone who plays before May 9th, 2022, when the offer expires. The Garchomp Kimono set is only available for people who ordered the game from Amazon in the US and Japan. 30 x Heavy Balls are also one mystery gift that is for anyone who bought via the Nintendo eShop pre-order. In both instances, a code will get emailed to the buyer.

Mystery Gifts in Pokemon Legends Arceus

While there are four mystery gifts available at the moment, it is assumed more will get added. Previous versions have made use of this to drop Pokeballs and other gifts to players. We will keep you updated on which codes are working and expired.

How to Claim Mystery Gift Rewards

How to Unlock Mystery Gift in Pokemon Legends Arceus
How to Unlock Mystery Gift in Pokemon Legends Arceus

To claim your gifts, you need to do around 2 hours of playing Pokemon Legends Arceus. Before this, the option to claim mystery gifts will not be available. Once done, press up on the controller to open the menu option.

Press ZR or ZL and reach the communications section. The mystery gifts option is here, and you need to type in the code. Some items won’t need a code, so you can select the ‘get via internet’ option to claim them.

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  1. L

    Hi, I ran into a bit of a problem. I had the digital preorder and I tried redeeming my code for the heavy balls which worked but they are nowhere to be found in my items. I was just wondering if you knew a fix or if they are somewhere obscure I dont know about. If anything the support email for Pokemon.
    Thank you

    1. J

      Got the same problem , of you find something plz lemme know !

    2. J

      Ow i found Them , they are in the item box ( big chests)

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