Take Pictures Pokemon Legends Arceus Photography Studio

The option to take pictures in the Pokemon Legends Arceus photography studio can be a lot of fun once you unlock it. There are a ton of options to play around with, and you can even get more by completing side quests. The game explains the system fairly well, but if you’re impatient to figure it all out, then this guide is the place for you. We’ll explain how to unlock the photography studio, how to use it, and more.

take pictures pokemon legends arceus photography studio
Take Pictures Pokemon Legends Arceus Photography Studio

How to Take Pictures in Pokemon Legends Arceus Photography Studio

To take pictures in the photography studio in Pokemon Legends Arceus, the first step is to unlock access to it. All you need to do for that is complete the early main mission that lets you join the Galaxy Team. The quest is called “The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial.” After you finish this mission, you’ll be able to use all the shops in Jubilife Village, including the clothier, the hairdresser, and, yes, the photography studio. All you have to do then is go to the studio itself, aka the camera icon on the map.

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Talk to the photographer standing outside the studio, and then go inside. From this point on, you have so many different options to cycle through. If you want to, you can head straight in front of the camera and complete the button prompt to begin. When you take pictures in the Pokemon Legends Arceus photography studio of just yourself, you can choose from a plethora of poses, and when you’re ready, just hit the screenshot button. That’s the little square button at the bottom of the left Joy Con.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want a simple picture of just yourself in front of a blank canvas, talk to the photographer first. In the dialogue options, you can change the background, the filter, and choose which Pokemon you want in the photo with you. By the way, once you get in front of the camera with a Pokemon, you can choose its poses, too. What I’m saying is, have fun and experiment until you have the perfect picture. Oh, and you’ll unlock more stuff by doing requests for the photographer.

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