Pokemon Let's Go Agatha - How to Defeat Elite Trainer

Agatha is one of the elite four in Pokemon Let’s Go. She’s a powerful trainer, and the third opponent you’ll have to face during the final boss fight. If you lose to her, you’ll have to beat the previous two – Lorelei and Bruno – before you can fight her again, which is why it’s useful to know what you’re getting into. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to show you how to defeat Agatha in Pokemon Let’s Go.

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pokemon let's go agatha
Pokemon Let’s Go Agatha – How to Defeat Elite Trainer

How to beat Agatha in Pokemon Let’s Go?

Agatha has five pokemon in her pokebag: an Arbok, a Weezing, a Golbat and two Gengars. You may have noticed these are all poison type pokemon, which can be a problem. Poison does damage every turn until you’ve healed it, and it transfers between battles. This means your pokemon could get poisoned fighting Agatha, and the negative effects would follow them into the next fight. Be sure to bring enough antidote to treat anyone that might need it.

Thankfully, it turns out their type is not the only thing Agatha’s pokemon share – they’re all vulnerable to psychic damage. Most of them are weak to other types of damage as well – Golbat is weak to electric, rock and ice, Gengar to dark and ghost, Arbok to ground. However, all you need in order to race through this fight without trouble is one powerful psychic pokemon with a high speed stat and a reliable psychic attack. That way you’d play first during every phase, and be all but guaranteed to instakill your opponents.

Alakazam and Starmie are both very fast psychic pokemon. The former has a longer list of suitable attacks, but he’s also harder to obtain. You could also use Exeggutor – he’s not very fast, but has a natural resilience to poison which would allow him to withstand the attacks of Agatha’s henchpokemon.

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