Pokemon Let's Go Dratini & Dragonair Location - How to Get

Dratini & Dragonair are two creatures you can catch in the new Pokemon Let’s Go. They’re water serpents – the latter is an evolution of the former – and you can catch them in the wild. The problem is, unlike most other pokemon you can find in the wild, these two spawn only in one tiny spot, that’s also a secret location you might completely miss in your playthrough if you aren’t thorough. If you want to avoid that, keep reading this guide, which will show you how to get Dratini & Dragonair in Pokemon Let’s Go.

pokemon let's go dratini dragonair location how to get
Pokemon Let’s Go Dratini & Dragonair – How to Get

Where to find Dratini & Dragonair in Pokemon Let’s Go?

The only way to obtain either Dratini or Dragonair is by hunting them down in the wild. This means you’ll have to patrol an area, waiting for them to spawn, then engage in combat and use your balls to catch them. However, unlike most wild pokemon, which spawn in several places across the Kanto region, these two only appear in one small region.

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In order to find them, you’ll have to go to Route 10, to the canal in front of the Power Plant. You’ll need both the Chop Down and Sea Skim secret techniques before you can reach this spot. First off, go to Cerulean City, the town in the north of the map. Find the store and look for a sapling between the fence and the hedge. Strike it down and follow the road behind it until you reach Route 9. Go all the way to the right and you’ll enter Route 10 at some point.

If you look at the fence, you’ll notice a spot where you can pass through it and reach the canal. Use your surfing board to follow the canal, and stop at the second corner. This is where we caught both, but you should be able to find them on the entire length of the canal.

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