Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Controls List

The latest video game entry in the massive Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a large open-world RPG similar in style and presentation to Pokemon Legends: Arceus. And, since it is a big and complex game, you will want to know all of the controls in it and what they do. We are going to list out all the controls in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet right here, so that you can quickly and easily refer to this guide whenever you are unsure what a specific control for something in the game is.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Controls List
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Controls List

All Controls in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The game gradually lets you know the controls as you play it. This comes in the form of tips in your Adventure Guide. Since we are still playing the game, there could be controls that we still haven’t run into yet, as there are many systems to master and use in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. With that said, here’s the Pokemon S&V controls list and what they do:

  • Left analogue stick: move.
  • A: the interact button (used for picking up items, talking with NPCs, interacting with the environment, etc.). In the menu, it is used to confirm your selection.
  • B: cancel an action.
  • X: open up the menu.
  • Y: access the map.
  • R3: zoom out the camera.
  • + / – : get on / get off your vehicle (once you obtain it).
  • B while on vehicle: jump over obstacles.
  • Down button: starts the camera app.
  • While the camera app is open Y button allows you to take selfies.
  • ZL: lock onto a Pokemon.
  • ZR: while locked onto a Pokemon, throwing a Pokeball with ZR will allow you to start a battle with that Pokemon.
  • R: this will have your Lead Pokemon scout the area to pick up items and battle nearby Pokemon.
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