Paldean Empire Rule Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Knowing the length of the Paldean Empire rule in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is only really important for your history exams at the Academy, either the midterm or the final. The question may or may not appear on your exams, but if you’re here, I assume it did. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the questions we got on our exams and what the correct answers are, including this one.

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paldean empire rule pokemon scarlet and violet
Paldean Empire Rule Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How Many Years Ago Was it that Paldean Empire Ruled this Region in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The answer to how many years ago the Paldean Empire rule happened in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is “around two thousand years ago.” Now mind you, there are a ton of other questions that you’ll have to answer. So, if you’re struggling with the history midterm and final exams, check out our video on the subject In it, we show you all the correct answers, as well as all the classes, if you want to review. With that said, here are all of the questions we got and the correct answers. Feel free to share the questions and answers you got in the comments.

  • Midterm exam
    • What is the name of the geological formation in the center of the Paldea Region? The Great Crater of Paldea.
    • What was long believed to rest in the depths of Area Zero? Treasure.
    • How many years ago did the Paldean Empire begin to rule this region? Approximately 2000 years ago.
    • How many years ago was this academy built? 805 years ago.
    • Those seeking (blank) need look no further than the oranges of Paldea. Knowledge.
  • Final exam
    • What is the area within the Great Crater of Paldea called? Area Zero.
    • How many years ago was this academy founded? 805 years ago.
    • Which of these did not appear in the Paldean fairy tale about the four treasures? A folding fan.
    • Which Area Zero Expedition member wrote the record of the team’s activities? Heath.
    • How many years ago did professor Saida invent Tera Orbs? 10 years ago.
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