Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Not Listening Explained

Pokemon Obedience is a thing that every Pokemon Trainer in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has to pay close attention to. if you don’t, your Pokemon may end up not obeying your orders. Needless to say, this isn’t something that you’d want to happen. This can apply to both traded Pokemon not listening, as well as the ones you caught in the game yourselves. To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Not Listening Explained guide is going to go over everything that you need to know about how to get your Pokemon to listen to you.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Not Listening Explained
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Not Listening Explained

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokemon Not Listening Explained

This depends on a couple of things. First, on the level the Pokemon were at when you caught them. And secondly, on how many Gym Badges you have won in the game. Let’s explain both of these and how they function. Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet come in a variety of levels. So if you catch one that is higher than the level that you can currently handle, this Pokemon will refuse to listen to you. This is tied to the number of Gym Badges that you have. It goes as follows: 1 Gym Badge (Pokemon Level 25), 2 Gym Badges (Pokemon Level 30), 3 Gym Badges (Pokemon Level 35), 4 Gym Badges (Pokemon Level 40), 5 Gym Badges (Pokemon Level 45), 6 Gym Badges (Pokemon Level 50), 7 Gym Badges (Pokemon Level 55), 8 Gym Badges (regardless of Pokemon level).

So, as you can see, the more Gym Badges you have, the higher the level of the Pokemon that you catch and can get to listen to your commands. In case you are unsure of how many badges you have and which level Pokemon are going to obey you, you can check this on your Trainer Profile. On the other hand, if you caught a Pokemon at a low level and then leveled it up, it will always listen to you – regardless of how many badges you have. This means that if you caught a Pokemon at a low level – 7, for example, and then level it up during the course of the game to Level 55, it will listen to even if you haven’t won any Gym Badges yet.

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  1. B
    Brett Hinkle

    What if i first catch something that is level 27. while I only have 1 badge. So it will not listen. Next i Level it up to 32. Then next I get a second badge. Will it now forever listen because it was level 27 when it was originally caught? Or no

    1. F

      Theres something else going on with this game then or Armarouge is just glitched then, I got him at lv 20 from a tera raid and now I have 8 badges and he still wont listen, consistently will not obey.. i have even gotten Ceruledge lv 100 thru trade and she listens 100% but Armarouge is lv 45 and will not obey still..

      1. V

        Apparently they made it so that the game counts non-outsider pokémon as outsider pokémon, so if your Armarouge didn’t listen to you before evolving him, and you evolved it without getting the badges first, it will ignore you forever.

        If this was not your case, then it might be a glitch or a bug

  2. D
    Derpy Prime

    All my Pokemon listen to me, but I am trying to do a team star mission, and it says I have no Pokemon that will listen to me.

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