Terastal Phenomenon Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Terastal Phenomenon is a special property that only Pokemon from the Paldea region have. It basically lets loose their secret, special Tera Type. Oh, and makes them look really cool and shiny, too. In this guide, we are going to explain what the Terastal Phenomenon is, how it works in conjunction with Tera Types, what terastallizing is, and more. You need to master this mechanic, since it’s necessary for success.

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terastal phenomenon pokemon scarlet and violet
Terastal Phenomenon Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Terastal Phenomenon Explained

The Terastal Phenomenon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a new mechanic that you’ll have to learn. It is unique to the Paldea region, due to the Terastal energy emanating from the ground. When a Pokemon terastallizes, it gets a giant Tera Jewel on its head and starts to glimmer like a gem. Every Pokemon from the Paldea region can terastallize and thereby gain special power. Also, each Pokemon has a Tera Type, which remains dormant until activated, when the Pokemon changes to its Tera Type. There are eighteen Tera Types, and every Pokemon you catch will have a different one. For example, one Eevee might be a Water Tera Type, another one will be Flying, etc.

The existence of the Terastal Phenomenon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet lets you be strategic in how you approach combat. Basically, it allows you to make the moves corresponding to your Tera Type even stronger or changing your Pokemon’s weaknesses. The choice of when you activate the Tera Type and the combo of type and Pokemon are entirely up to you. By the way, you can only terastallize a Pokemon once per battle, but the transformation will last until the end of the fight. Now, to do any of this, you’ll have to use the special Tera Orb. After you use a Tera Orb, it will be drained of its energy. To recharge it, you’ll have to go to the Pokemon Center or touch one of many crystals around the map that are overflowing with Terastal energy.

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