Wanna be Friends With Nemona Choice Pokemon Scarlet Violet

In our Wanna be Friends With Nemona Choice Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide, we are going to show you what the correct answer to give is. Now, before we get into it, we are going to have to engage into some very light spoilers of the beginning minutes of the game. Mind you, it’s really nothing major, so you’re safe to read. Let’s dive in.

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wanna be friends with nemona choice pokemon scarlet violet
Wanna be Friends With Nemona Choice Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Wanna Be Friends with Nemona Choice in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The correct answer to the “wanna be friends” choice with Nemona in the first Pokemon Scarlet and Violet choices is, of course, to say “yes.” At least, as far as we can tell; like most of you, we haven’t been able to push far enough to see all the potential consequences. What we do know is that Nemona is going to be your main guide through the opening hours of the game. You know, that friend character that pretty much every main entry in the Pokemon franchise has, who shows you the ropes. It’s somebody whose good graces you probably want to maintain, and straight-up saying “no” to her offer of friendship might not be the play.

Now, with all of that said, we chose “no” as our answer in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Nemona “Wanna be friends” choice. We did so to both test out what happens, and because it was just too funny not to do. And, well… nothing happened. Nemona asks whether she scared you somehow, and she does seem hurt. However, Clavell calms things down; from there, things proceeded normally. Now, we don’t know whether this is going to have some long-reaching repercussions later on. I highly doubt this is the case, but we simply can’t say for certain at the moment. So, to be safe, just accept Nemona’s friendship.

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    As much fun as it would be for Pokémon to incorporate the Fable series feel to the gaming experience, I highly doubt they will. The product is driven perfectly to target a young audience but still have fantasy violence. Fans have long wanted an official Rockets version to the legacy but sadly the outlook is slim. The in game choices being made are a way to help draw the player in to the fantasy, not to let them dictate it. This is why when asked which anime world you would most like to live in that you say, “Pokémon!” It’s just perfect.

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