Pokemon Sword & Shield Old Love Letter Frank Location in Ballonlea

Paula’s Old Love Letter in Pokemon Sword & Shield is a side quest that you can pick up from the little girl standing near the castle in Hammerlocke. To complete the quest, you’ll have to find someone called Frank in Ballonlea. Seems simple enough, but is pretty far from it. Even after you reach Ballonlea, odds are good that you will never guess where to find Frank. That being the case, our Pokemon Sword & Shield Old Love Letter Frank Location in Ballonlea guide will show you where to find Frank in Ballonlea, how to complete Paula’s Old Love Letter quest in Pokemon SwSh, the rewards you get, etc.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Old Love Letter Frank Location in Ballonlea
Pokemon Sword & Shield Old Love Letter Frank Location in Ballonlea

Where to Find Frank in Ballonlea for Paula’s Old Love Letter Pokemon Sword & Shield Side Quest?

To find Frank in Ballonlea and complete Paula’s Old Love Letter side quest in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you’ll first have to make your way to Ballonlea. There’s no reason to rush it; the game is gonna take you there eventually. Specifically, you’ll have to challenge the gym in Ballonlea Stadium at one point, so there’s no way you can miss the town. As for Frank, he’s also easy to find, although, you’d never ever know it’s him.

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From the Pokemon Center at the entrance into Ballonlea, head left and up the stairs. Go into the first house. Inside, you’ll find two little girls and a portly gentleman in a brown vest. Speak to the gentleman. Yup, that’s Frank. What the heck is going on, I’m sure you’re wondering. Well, all will be explained, worry not. Listen to what Frank has to say, and you’ll receive a Choice Scarf for your troubles. It boosts the Speed of the Pokemon that holds it, but only allows the use of one move.

If you want to find out what’s going on, as we did, well, just go back to Hammerlocke and the castle where you first met Paula. I’m not gonna tell you what happens to avoid unnecessary spoilers. I am just gonna say that, after you examine her exact spot, you’ll find a scrap of Reaper Cloth. The description reads: “A cloth imbued with horrifyingly strong spiritual energy. It’s loved by a certain Pokemon.” You can kinda guess just based on that, right?

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