Resident Evil 7 Bedroom - Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC

Bedroom is a challenge in Resident Evil 7. It was added in the Banned Footage Vol 1. DLC. In it, you play as Clancy, trying to escape a room in which Marguerite has trapped you. You’ll do this by solving a series of puzzles. Some of them have intuitive solutions, while others make no sense whatsoever. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Banned Footage Vol. 1 Bedroom in Resident Evil 7.

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Banned Footage Vol 1. Bedroom

You’ll wake up in the bed, and Marguerite will bring you your food. When she leaves the room, you’ll have to spring into action:

  1. Pick up the spoon and get up. Take the lantern by the bed.
  2. Go to the dresser and take the lighter from the urn. Do not touch the drawers.
  3. Approach the clock on the other side of the bed and interact with it. Take the broken clock hand.
  4. Use the clock hand to pick the lock on the grandfather clock. Take the painting inside.
  5. The noise will alert Marguerite. Close the clock, hang the lantern on the wall, get into bed and lock yourself.
  6. When she leaves the room, use the spoon to unlock your shackles. Get up, take the lantern and collect the other two paintings – the one on the barrel by the bed, and the one hanging on the wall.
  7. Put them up in the right order (B, C, A), and you’ll get the needle. Use the needle on the bedside clock and set it to 5:00, and it will reveal a secret door. Read the note next to it.
  8. The noise will draw Marguerite’s attention again. Move the clock to hide the door again, return painting B to the barrel, and put painting C on the first nail. Return the lantern, go back to bed and lock yourself.
  9. When she leaves the room, take the stove and the fork from the tray, then get up. Take the lantern and go to the door with the padlock. The combination is snake-fig leaf-apple.
  10. Use the fork to open the wardrobe and take the solid fuel. Combine it with the stove and go back to the bedroom.
  11. Take painting B. Put the stove under the wine bottles on the wall, and light it. Lift the bottle and take the corkscrew from it.
  12. Marguerite will be coming once again. Return the painting onto the barrel, then hang the lantern on the wall and get into bed. If she gives you the chance to talk, blame Lucas.
  13. Once you’re up, use the corkscrew to take the two lantern hooks off the wall (one in each room). Combine them in your inventory.
  14. Take the knife behind the dresser from the bedroom. Use the knife to open up the projector, then place the lantern inside.
  15. You can create medusa’s shadow with the combined lantern hooks. Use the fork to make the snake shadow.
  16. Grab the snake key from the cage, and Marguerite will enter the bedroom.
  17. Pull out the knife and go into the bedroom. A cutscene will play.
  18. Move the bed using the bedside clock and open the door using the snake key.
  19. Jump into the tunnel and run for your life.