Resident Evil 7 Daughters True Ending - Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLC

Daughters is one of the mini stories added to Resident Evil 7 in the Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLC. It’s a separate episode that shows how the Bakers ended up the way they did. You play as Zoe, trying to outrun the nightmare. There are two endings to be had – one is good, the other true. Getting the latter requires you to follow a specific set of steps. If you do, you’ll unlock the One Instinct: Survival trophy. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get true ending in Resident Evil 7: Daughters story.

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resident evil 7 daughters true ending
Resident Evil 7 Daughters DLC

How to get true ending in Daughters tape

Here’s what you need to do after they’ve taken Eveline in:

  1. Go into the pantry and take the lock pick from the hole in the ground.
  2. Go to the laundry room and pick up the change of clothes.
  3. Go upstairs, into the bathroom, and pick the lock on the drawer. Take the small component from it.
  4. Go into the kid’s room and use the small component on the trophy on the book case to the right of the door. Press the button and it will lower the ladder.
  5. Take the stairs to the attic. Examine the note on the desk. The laptop code is 1019. Read the journal once you unlock the computer.
  6. Go back down to the room and give Eveline the clothes.
  7. Go down into the dining room and examine Lucas.
  8. Go back upstairs and into the bathroom. Examine Marguerite.
  9. Go all the way down to the garage. Press the red button to enter, and grab the rope.
  10. Return to the bathroom. Run away into the recreation room. Close the door and use the rope on the hook to the left of it.
  11. Go into grandma’s room and grab the fork from the desk.
  12. Go to the boarded up window in the recreation room. Use the fork to pull out the nails.
  13. Go out onto the veranda and turn right. Go all the way, then squeeze through the tiny opening. Open the red box on the crate to the left and grab the dog head relief.
  14. Go back to the veranda and pry the loose cover under the green blinders.
  15. Go inside and enter the main hall. Marguerite will be patrolling the ground floor with a lantern.
  16. Evade her and use the dog head on the main door.
  17. Exit into the yard and head for the trailer.
  18. Enter and turn left. Examine the note on the table and the object in Mia’s hands.