Resident Evil Village Statues Puzzle - Hall of Ablution

The Resident Evil Village statues puzzle in the Hall of Ablution is a puzzle you’ll come across in Castle Dimitrescu while looking for a way into Dimitrescu’s chamber. The key is to turn all the statues in the correct direction. You even get a rhyme on a nearby wall that gives you hints to the solution. Of course, the hints are pretty obtuse, so you still have to turn your brain on. Alternatively, keep reading our Statues Puzzle – Hall of Ablution Resident Evil 8 Village guide to show you the Statues Puzzle solution.

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statues puzzle hall of ablution resident evil 8 village
Statues Puzzle – Hall of Ablution Resident Evil 8 Village

Resident Evil 8 Village Statues Puzzle Solution

The solution to the statues puzzle in the Resident Evil 8 Village Hall of Ablution is on the wall, in the form of a rhyme. You can find it on the plaque that sits opposite from the door to the puzzle room. It reads: “Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chances / to give their lord their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow.” If you’ve played any horror game ever, you’re already familiar with the nonsense-rhyme puzzles; this just basically tells you which direction to turn the statues in.

To make things easier, we’ll first name the statues. We’ll call them Horse (obvious), Beggars (again, obvious), Lady (the woman with the big hat), and Maiden (the woman with the hood). Now, let’s go about actually solving the puzzle, step by step.

  • Horse – turn the statue to face the Maiden.
  • Lady – turn the statue to face the Maiden.
  • Beggars – turn the statue to face the Horse.
  • Maiden – turn the statue to face the Lady.

So, that’s the Hall of Ablution Statues Puzzle solution in Resident Evil 8 Village. If you haven’t run into it yet and are reading ahead, you should now that the puzzle will appear in Castle Dimitrescu, on your way to finding Dimitrescu’s Chambers. When you turn every statue in the correct direction, the blood will drain from the pool in the middle. Drop down, and the floor will open and reveal a secret staircase. Climb down, and continue on your way.

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