Siberian Wilderness Archivist Map, Explorer Satchel, Monolith

Siberian Wilderness is the second area in Rise of The Tomb Raider, and it’s filled with collectibles. Make sure you get the archivist map, explorer’s satchel and monolith before moving onto the relics, documents and such – they’ll make the search much easier.
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After you’ve gotten them all, you’ll be that closer to unlocking the Voices of the Past trophy. This guide is going to show you the locations of all collectibles in Siberian Wilderness.

Siberian Wilderness Collectible Locations

siberian wilderness collectible locations
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There are 19 collectibles to be found in the Siberian Wilderness, including the archivist map, explorer’s satchel and monolith. The monolith will reveal 3 coin caches you otherwise can’t get, so make sure to visit it. There’s also one challenge, but it’s really easy to get – you just have to loot 3 corpses.

Archivist Map in Siberian Wilderness

archivist map siberian wilderness rottrThe archivist map is an item that reveals locations of other items on the map, namely relics, documents and other story-related collectibles. You’ll find it on the map above, marked with #19. It’s on top of the eastern watchtower in the middle of the map.

Siberian Wilderness Challenge – Grab and Go

There’s only one challenge in the area – Grab and Go. In order to beat it, you’ll have to loot three corpses. You can’t do this until the Trinity soldiers show up (chasing the two native people), since there’s no-one to kill and no corpses in the area. After you’ve had your flashback (the one with your dad), you’ll wake up in base camp, with enemies searching the area for you. Kill and loot three of them to finish this challenge.