Soviet Installation Monolith, Archivist Map & Explorer's Satchel

Soviet Installation is the first large hub in Rise of The Tomb Raider. It is the 4th area you discover, and you’ll return to it several times.
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While exploring it, you’ll find 3 monoliths, 6 archivist maps and 6 explorer’s satchels. These will greatly help with finding the other collectibles in the area, since they’ll mark them on your map. Some coin caches can’t even be found before you’ve visited the corresponding monolith. This guide will show you where to find archivist maps, explorer’s satchels and monoliths in Soviet Installation.

soviet installation archivist map monolith explorers satchel
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All the locations are marked on our map – monoliths are painted red, archivist maps are orange and explorer satchels are blue. Keep in mind, you may not be able to snatch them all on your first visit – some areas will be unavailable until you get the proper tools or progress through the story.

Monoliths in Soviet Installation

There are only three monoliths in this area – they’re marked with red numbers on the map above. Visiting them will show you the locations of hidden coin caches. You won’t need any special tools to access them, but you will need access to most of the map.

Archivist Maps in Soviet Installation

There’s six maps to find – they’ll mark murals and documents on your map. Some of them are hidden in optional tombs, so you’ll need to explore the whole map if you want them all.

Explorer’s Satchels in Soviet Installation

Six satchels are scattered across the map – they’ll mark various other collectibles on your map. They are spread all over the map (even in tombs), so don’t expect to collect them all before you’ve unlocked the entire area.