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Syria Collectibles in Rise of The Tomb Raider are the ones found in and around Prophet’s Tomb, during the first level. These include an Archivist Map, a Monolith, Murals, Documents, Coin Caches and Relics.
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There’s also one challenge in this area. Collecting them all will help you unlock the Voices of The Past achievement. This guide will show you where to find Syria Collectibles in Rise of The Tomb Raider.

Prophet’s Tomb Collectible Locations

There are 15 collectibles to be found in the Prophet’s Tomb in Syria. Most of them are story-related, but there are also a few stashes of ancient coins. We’ve marked their locations on the map, and you’ll find images of exact locations in the gallery below.

syria collectible locations rise of the tomb raider
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Syria Archivist Map Locations

The archivist map is an item that marks all collectibles in the area on your in-game map. Some collectibles can’t be obtained without it, so it’s advisable to pick it up. The one in Syria is located on the terrace in the south part of the tomb (the room with the tower). It’s marked “16” on our map of collectibles.

Syria Challenge

There’s only one challenge in The Prophet’s Tomb in Syria, but it’s hard to miss. It’s called Hang Em High, and involves shooting seven hanging incense holders, which are scattered around the tomb. For detailed instructions on how to beat it, take a look at our Syria Challenge Locations guide.


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